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Saturday, November 4, 2023

Espresso, Charlie, and Gus Update

Gus, "Do you have to!?"
Gus, "The Bun on the Third Floor."
Charlie, "Back to my good old spot."
Gus, "Sometimes I wonder if I could tolerate you without the cookies."

Hellos, Everybunny!

It's good to be getting back to our old routine. Last week was one brutal and upsetting string of M*nd*ys. But our home is returning back to a livable condition. You see, we had to treat the place for termites and everybunny, and a lot of "stuff" had to be out of the house. We got back in M*nd*y evening, and Spressy came back on Tuesday. And the servants were trying to restore some sanity in the adobe ever since. 

The good news is we're almost there. My hoomin even stole some pixes of me in my brand new bundo. Thank you, Buntie Susan, for taking such good care of us and our beautiful, new, two-story bundo!

Personally, I like to hang out on the "third floor." It has the best view of my domain.
My hoomin is still decompressing, processing, and off-gassing a lot of emotions. But the good news is that a week after his first ever bloodletting, bloodwork revealed his numbers were right on the spot. He didn't need "the leeches." I'm a bit disappointed, but that's OK. He'll get his in two weeks during the next appointment. If it makes him a better butler, I'm fine with that.

Just to be clear, I won't let him hijack our updates. Of course, the condition of our servants is vital to me, so I need to keep tabs on the situation.

We'll keep you posted!
- Gus


Anonymous said...

That's okay. We want to know how the hoomin is doing.

sallyneary said...

I'm so glad the human is doing okay!

This is an excellent bun house, and the top floor is the prime spot.

Mister Bun said...

We'll try to keep up with all this.

Yes, Gus loves the 3rd floor!