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Sunday, July 23, 2023

The Bunday Evening Thumps

Gus, "There are not enough colors for me, are there?"
Espresso, "Eat your heart out, hoomin - the loafer is just right!"
Espresso, "Yes, living the bunn life."
"Graham Cracker and Mel" - the bunnana rig.
"Graham Cracker and Mel" - the bunnana, the rig, the study, the color study.
"Graham Cracker and Mel" - bunnana study.
"Graham Cracker and Mel" - at least the bunnanas are fixable now.

Good evening, Everybun!

Today was our first quiet day off without anything crazy going on. I swear - tomorrow, my hoomin will be ready for the weekend. But that's how the dandelion sprouts.

We're still puzzled by Espresso's sneezing. As long as he receives the eye drops - the sneezing goes away. Sigh. And a thump!

In other news, we finally got some rain last night and this morning. What happened to those afternoon thunderstorms and showers that used to pop up like clockwork? The weather was all the rage during conversations at the life drawing session yesterday morning. But that's artists for ya - they pay attention to things like that.

Good night, and good luck!
- Gus

PS: Speaking of arting, my hoomin made good on his promise to attack the bunnanas with gusto. He made a little rig to hold the bunnana in space in just about any position. If nothing else, now we're certain we'll be able to fake the bunnanas if we have to. Who knew working with bunnanas could be so demanding and so much fun!?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, loafing bunnehs, ahh life is good! You buns have a very talented and resourceful hoomin there - take good care of him! :)=
-Jen (Kohl's mom)

Anonymous said...

Our sneezy bun had a nasal/sinus abscess via endoscopy. We got a culture/sensitivity of the mucus and “sucked” whatever snot out of the sinus the vet could. Oral antibiotics plus the eye drops up his nose (yes he hated the upside down bit) gave us another year until he passed at close to 13 years old. Just some thoughts to ponder… 😊