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Sunday, July 7, 2019

Bunday Evening Thumps

Gus, "This is my Lem look. Close? Not even? Try harder?"

Charlie, "Pffft! I'm not playing!"

Espresso, "Nope, no sir, and get lost, hoomin!"
The daily bribe ;-)

Good Evening, Everybunny!

That Gus. He's the true explorer in the family. You show him half a treat, and he will climb everywhere and work every photoshoot, thump! But Espresso and I? We do NOTHING on command! You can't bribe us, trick us, reason with us, or anything with us! We, we trick, command, and fool the hoomin into abiding our whims. We like it that way, especially on a lazy Bunday like today.

- Charlie

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