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Monday, July 24, 2017


What?!? Why you lookin at me?

- Thank you, Meg!


RG said...

Well, I can't help myself. You are a Rex, right?

sallyneary said...

Today I can't see the photo. This happens now and then, and sometimes I can see a photo one day but not the next. Is there anything different in the format of the photos?
I find it very hard to wait to see the latest bun photo. As many of you know about me, I have no personal rabbits and rely on you!

Mister Bun said...

Well, there's nothing special about the images. They are the normal .jpg files. Do you run an ad-blocker plugin in the browser or maybe a privacy badger? It's hard to tell without more info of course. Do you have broadband connection or dial up? That can make a big difference. Would it be possible to see a screenshot of the symptoms? I take it you tried re-loading the page a few times. Did you try viewing the page in an "incognito" window (in chrome hold down CNTRL-SHIFT-N)?

sallyneary said...

I have connected it to the times I log on through my work server. There must be some new security setting I don't know about. Anyway I can see Paisley now and what a gorgeous rabbit!