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Monday, May 1, 2017

Charlie Update

Greetings, Everybun!

Charlie came home yesterday afternoon and got comfortable in her new digs. She's eating and pooping well. Her V. E. T. appointment to get spayed is set for next M*nd*y, May the 8th.

At the moment she is in pen enclosure with all her toys, a bundo, and a proper litter bin. In the doorway to her room we have installed a pet gate to keep Latte and Espresso at a distance.

When Charlie approached the gate with Latte and Espresso on the other side, Latte went wild and turned on Espresso. We've never seen anything like that. Is that type of regression normal?

Luckily, Latte and Espresso return to normal rather quickly.

What were your experiences when you had three buns involved? Can they bond?

- Ijon



Anonymous said...

You need to be careful when/if introducing a third bun to a bonded pair. As you have seen, it can lead to friction. Like most anything in the Bun Life, you can try and nudge them in the right direction. The bunnies will have the final say, though. Best of luck and good on you for giving Charlie a home. ken&kaci

Little Miss Titch said...

it takes time,don't push it they will come round in their own time.but it will be easier once Charlie has been spayed.It may take a few months before they are all bonded.some can take a long time and with adding new buns to bonded pairs or small groups can take longer.the squabble you saw is just one exerting dominance over the other.good luck,xx Rachel

sallyneary said...

Sounds like the green-eyed monster to me. Good luck!

RG said...

Never tried! But no doubt best left until after spaying ..

Will be a good experience to follow along with.