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Friday, May 9, 2014

Tatsu and Zephyr

- You think we should invite him to tonight's?

- Neh. Wait, how are going to keep the carrotinis coming all night? If he can help with that...

- Thank you Maclin!


  1. Takes two to party hearty! Many would be fine with attending to these two.

  2. Little Ones, I am not sure I approve of the idea of "tonight's" or any night's for that matter, but you would need a designated driver, someone to see to it that your drinks are not tampered with while you dance, hop over to the litter box, etc. Take a reliable friend with you or don't go at all, and reliable friends are those known for keeping the carrotinis flowing for underage bunns. How about reading a good book, "artistically reimagining" something at home, exploring Whiskey's ( Big Ears, Tiny Tales) "mythical land behind the sofa" where people don't vacuum, or meet Speedy in a Magic Closet? Wait, uh, let's go back to "reading a good book." Whiskey and Speedy are NOTORIOUSLY NAUGHTY. What was I thinking?

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  4. I meant "reliable friends are not know for keeping carrotinis flowing for underage bunns."

  5. These are really beautiful bunnies. I hope Maclin feels appropriately honored by the way their cute little glances suggest that they might seriously be considering including him.

  6. Did some one say Carrotinis?I'll be right over guys....hehehe,xx Speedy