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Friday, September 8, 2017

Belinda, the Spokesbun at Small Pet Select

Yes, hoomin. When I have to, I disapprove as well, somebunny has to.

- Thank you, Belinda and her hoomin assistant, Jessica!

PS: We have a soft spot for Small Pet Select since their hay is the only one Mr. Bun would eat. He managed to nom through a couple of big boxes of the good stuff. He had a bum leg, but his belleh remained healthy to the end.

The announcement about Belinda is here, and Jessica says she'll make sure Belinda will get her messages through support@smallpetselect.zendesk.com.


RG said...

A Spokesbun. I bet Belinda "Tells it like it is! - (or should be)."

Anonymous said...

Oh my Bun. Ok, sign us up. We are buying what you are selling. ken&kaci