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Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Well, well, well, hoomin. Were you trying to say something? Your mouf is on the floor. You know, my nanerini won't get here by itself!

- Thank you, Ken and Kaci!

PS: Ken says, "From the Desert Warren hops Adare. All of Dublin’s litter are cuddle bunnies in training, some are further along than others. Let's say Adare
 is trying."


Anonymous said...

A nannerini you say, pretty Adare ? Ok, don't tell the rest of the warren and I'll fire up the blender. ken&kaci

Anonymous said...

That's my middle name, although a different spelling. She is certainly a photogenic bunny! I hope the cuddling comes with time, since she is obviously hard to resist.

Anonymous said...

Except for 1 name, all of Adare's brothers and sisters are named after towns in Ireland. Ok, and one county. Adare, Ireland is an awesome small town near the west coast. Then there is Kerry, after county Kerry, Doolin, Tralee and Limerick. And Hayley after our grand daughter 'cause they were born on her birthday. A lively disapproving group, let me tell ya ! Oh, and Mom Dublin is a sweetheart, a real cuddle bunny. ken&kaci

Anonymous said...

Nannerinis, carrotinis, extra greens and all demanded treats for this velvety beauty! :)=
-Jen (Kohl's mom)