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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Hoomin: Widget, do you like all this hay?

Bun: Sure do my sweet kajigger! 

- Thank you Vikki!


  1. She is so chic. A new cultural icon is born. Shouldn't her name be Twiggy or Gidget or Lady Gaga? I think widgets are the hypothetical products of hypothetical companies in American business schools. These dangerous enterprises need to be shut down.

  2. I can't think of anything witty today,but she's gorgeous,xx Rachel

  3. Reminds me of the Bunnies Grimm fairy tale, "Rumplestiltsbun" who spun gold into hay.

  4. I think I will start wearing a few tastefully strewn pieces of hay on my head.

  5. It's Bunpelstiltskin, and it's been done, by me, many months ago!

    Only kidding; I did invoke BunpelStiltskin a few months back, but I love the mental image, so it's well worth repeating! Especially with that big pile of hay there!


    What's Widget's nickname? "Acme"?

    Uh-oh! Sorry, Widget! Yes, you certainly do look very fine there with all your hay! Maybe you can Disapprove all that hay into golden thread!

  6. Ha, I found it. It was back on Disapproving Rabbits. (It feels like quite a long time ago, now, that it shut down. :-( )


  7. I didn't catch your earlier post, Fleetie - guess we just chalk it up to 2 great minds running in the same channel :~)