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Tuesday, March 4, 2014


And snappeh!!

- Thank you Tara!
PS: You can catch with Tallulah on her FB page!

And if I may, I'm getting low on disapproval again.
If you have disapproval to spare I'll be most approving of it ;-)
Mr. Bun.


  1. It's binky, buntastic Tallulah! She is a very slim, elegant, and beautiful bunny girl! And very looooong when she stretches out, which means she can be very TALL when she needs to be!

    This beautiful Dutchie girl is a 24-carrot cutie!

    She has her hoomins well under-the-paw, I believe. She is a smart bun!

    I would love to kiss her little bunneh nose! <3

    But yes: Non-noms now, and indeed, Make It Snappeh!

  2. That look. That look. .... As a student of ancient TV history, this reminds me of something about the great Tallulah Bankhead. She once told a fellow actress she could upstage her without even being on stage. So the scene was the two of them and a guy having an argument. Tallulah was drinking a martini - it was about 2/3 full. (She had secretly put glue all over the bottom of the glass). At the top of the argument Tallulah carefully put the glass down on the table - about 1/2 of it off the edge - and stormed off the stage. I bet she gave pretty much this same look!

  3. Gorgeous girl,this brings back some memories of Thumper my Black and white Dutchie from the day we got him till he was aout 3 years old he was mean tempered and would snarl growl and give you a good chomping and then all of a sudden he changed in to a loving boy unless he didn't like you then he would still give a good chomping, xx Rachel

  4. Right on it! Hopefully before she blinks :-(

  5. Tallulah was named after Tallulah Bankhead, so thank you for sharing that story! Perfect.

  6. I think T is trying to pull another one on her audience. There is no way she can be that long.

  7. The Mona Lisa of rabbits! The Grace Kelly of buns! Gorgeous!

  8. Kelly, I can really see the Mona Lisa thing.