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Monday, March 24, 2014

Princes Warrior Bun

Must be M*nd*y, that's the only explanation for such a crummy breakfast.
Never enough of nutriberries. And who told my hoomin to hide it under all this hay?
I head to eat through a ton of that! On  M*nd*y!

- Thank you Dorothy!


dorrie17 said...

Every morning Princess gets a bowl of pellets and oats with a couple of cranberries. That morning I forgot the cranberries. As I was walking away I heard a bang. She had picked up her bowl and thrown it and pellets and oats were scattered all over the place. She hopped away and assumed the bunloaf position and watched me as I cleaned up the mess and brought her a new breakfast with two cranberries sitting on top.

Fleetie said...



That's almost sinister, the way you describe it! Frightening!

I really think you need to be more careful with this bunny! She sounds dangerous!

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

That is absolutely hilarious. It suggests a new approach to life, one I would like to follow, the Bunn Way. Fleetie, as always, I wish your Monday's could be better.

RG said...

That doesn't work for me ... my Mom just scoops it up and I eat it or go to bed hungry.

sallyneary said...

She is such a taskmaster! It will be a long time before you forget her cranberries again.

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

I hope PWB won't mind too much. It seems most of her disdain is focused on her staff, so may I ask if anyone knows how the Washington mudslide has affected our friends at HOR? I didn't know that could happen where there are lots of trees. Our hearts go out to all who have been touched by this tragedy.

Valsainte said...

Trying to deceive a bunn is not recommended -- especially if words such as "Princess" and "Warrior" appear in her name.

Fleetie said...

Princess is right, by the way: There's no excuse for M*nd*ys. They should be, like a second Saturday.

And then, Tuesday would be harsh at work, so that's have to become, like, maybe another Sunday.

But then you'd be in a mess on Wednesday so that would need to be a Saturday.

By the time it's Thursday, it is, undeniably, time to get up off our lazy hoomin butts and go to work!!!

So work on a Thursday starts at 13:30, and last until 17:00. Now bear in mind, that having just had several days off, we would be SUPER-PRODUCTIVE by this time. We'd be in the zone.

Friday: Well, time to do some more work, I'm afraid, so it's the same drill: In work and working from 13:30 to 17:00. Again, SUPER-PRODUCTIVE and in the zone!

And that's the working week - as it should be!

I mean, bunny-slaves still have to do all their BunChores. OBVIOUSLY! There's NEVER a break from BunChores.

But at least we can get the work thing under control.

And Thanks! for your wishes, Auntie Jane.

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

Valsainte, she had me at "Bunny." You are welcome, Fleetie. You know, I still don't know what a nutriberry is.

Wigglesworth Pet Artwork said...

Ah, yes! My bunny overlord is very fond of dumping unsuitable meals on the floor. Lest I misunderstand her displeasure, she then bangs her bowl until the proper food is provided. Lord help me if I ever forget the cranberries!
Clearly, we are the slow learners here!

almtsbb said...

I Googled nutriberry and it gave me ads for Parrot food. ??

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

Thank you. This affinity for similar snacks confirms ALL my suspicions. Two great branches forked from the T. Rex family tree - birds and bunns.