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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Mr. Bun Says....

Good morning hoomins. Mine started chasing me with his camera again. Must be low on disapproval again. And he was late with bun chores again.

Anyway, ok stick your face in and I will tickle it with my whiskers ;-) You know you want to . Ok, just kidding about the whiskers.

- Mr. Bun


  1. What a handsome and distinguished rabbit Mr. Bun is!

    So hoomins had better heed him and send in their Disapproval photos! We don't want Mr. Bun to Disapprove Of us! (Any more than he already does!)

    See, I'm trying to help out, Mr. Bun! Please don't Disapprove Of me!

    *Nose nudgies*

  2. Hmm more disapproval eh? I shall make and enquiry or two for you Mr Bun,xx Rachel

  3. Humbled by your disapproval, I e-mailed your hoomin a photo earlier this morning.

    Yes, I am groveling for your approval, Mr. Bun. I admit it freely and without remorse.

  4. Oh, Kelly, what is RG going to do when he finds out yet another "remorseless groveller" has been born? You know how he feels about SUTTR. What is he going to do when we start referring to a certain kind of person as an RG on bunny sites? Hmmmmm...second thought, you may really be on to something here. You don't suppose our RG has been passing himself off as your garden variety Rabbit Guy, when he has been a "Remorseless Grovellor" all this time.....all this time and just hidden in plain sight?

  5. Groveling and Sucking Up are just not the same thing, are they? Although neither sounds like a wise thing to do with the Rabbit. And for gosh sakes don't go associating me with "Garden" - I'll be growing greens for the rest of my days.

  6. Oh Mr. Bun you are right--I DO want to stick my face in for the whisker tickling or ...whatever--I doubt I can resist, regardless of the outcome.