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Friday, March 14, 2014


Sure, try to take you eyes off off me. Come on, try again.

PS: Remmi is the newest member of Hoppy Hearts Rabbit Rescue. He is pretty confident that he is King of the Universe. He had a less than royal past, and because of that he is a grumpy little thing!

- Thank you Kaylie!


  1. Hmmm looks like a king so I bow down before you Remmi in the hope you take pity on me,xx Rachel

  2. Stubbularity - 6 / Chubbosity - 6.5 / Nethie Disapproval - off the charts

  3. Yes, I would have to agree that this rabbit is stubbular. I can't take my eyes off him!

  4. This wasn't how I planned on spending my day.

  5. Remmi really is a fierce little Disapprover!

    I wonder what we've done this time. We are sorry, Remmi! We are only hoomins! We're not as intelligent as you bunnies! Please try to be patient with us....?!