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Friday, March 14, 2014


She thinks it's funny. We'll see how her ankles feel about it a bit later.
Would a pancake make this better? Yeah, a pancake would ;-) With nutrieberries of course.

- Thank you Heather!


  1. Oh Mate that is so not funny...I'd be nipping that ankles too,xx Speedy

  2. You look adorable in blue....she said from behind the couch.

  3. Stuart, I started to say that she doesn't think it is funny, she thinks it is beyootiful. But, then I noticed your name was Stuart and I realized you might be caught up in gender stereotypes. Perhaps, you are one of those bunny boys who don't care for ribbons around their ears, and therefore you think she is laughing at you. Once again, she is not laughing, she is admiring, as are we all.

  4. Beribboning a rabbit is, as my mother would say, gilding the lily. Also taking your life in your hands, if the look on Stuart's face is any indication.

  5. Investigators at the crime scene discovered this photo on the phone clutched in the hands of the victim. It really is sad when hoomins have to end this way — it’s completely preventable.

  6. "...the coroner report states the victim was strangled with a thin blue piece of ribbon tied neatly in a bow. Possible motives are still under investigation..."

  7. Am I the only bean who did not realize that Disapproving Bun has a Facebook page?

    Perhaps add a "Like us on Facebook" tag on the DB home page? Sorry to piggyback on you, Stuart, but after all, you are there...

    1. The thing is, my hoomin does not know what he's doing. Yes, we'll have that button. I've implored the hoomin to make a stand alone post about this since some incredible happened with that FB thing. Sigh...., maybe if he had furier ears or something. Whiskers, cotton tail, anything! Do you know what I mean?

  8. Seems like more than a one-pancake offense to me.

  9. Uh oh, anyone know what the half-life of the fall-out from a the dropping of a nuclear disapproval bomb is? Stuart looks about ready to blow. I don't think all the pancakes in the world will save us. H*ll hath no fury like a bun who's been bedecked in "cute" ribbons.

  10. Somee hoomin is gonna get a Disapproval they'll not soon forget!

    I'm glad I am not that hoomin!

    I wonder whether Stuart is feeling merciful. Maybe the hoomin will only get seared with a few BD (Bins of Disapproval). Or will Stuart let it rip and drop a multi-kBD D-Bomb?