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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


My hoomin just looking at me looking at her while I wait for all mines treaties to be opened! Hoomins are soooo slow sometimes.

- Thank you Caterina!


  1. What a cute little girly girl...so prim, so proper, so polite, and so patient...all while waiting for treats. What a bunn!

  2. She is - but - I suspect that if those treat bags don't get opened soon, Lily will show us another side of herself!

  3. Okay, Folks, place your bets here. On this side we have Lily waiting for her treats to be opened, and in the other corner we have RG waiting for his Snickers bar to be opened. Whose going to morph first you ask? Well, all the smart money is on RG. Little children, if a strange man comes up to you asking for candy this Halloween, safest to just drop the bag and go get your rabbit.

  4. Wow, Lily has such grace and good manners; Kohl used to just jump right in and ravage any new treat bags. AJ, what if RG is dressed up as a bunny? Oh, dear, it's like a time paradox...
    -Jen (Kohl's mom)