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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mr. Bun - Saturday update

We are back and we are freaked out. Trying to stay comfortable and keeping one's wits about is rather difficult. My hoomin is doing his best and he struggles with having to improvise. A lot. Suddenly the realization hits that taking care of disabled rabbit is nothing like taking care of a bun one is so used to. The feeling of inadequacy in everything being done is maddening. We'll do what we can. Next follow up is on Friday. If need be, we'll head for the vet sooner. Especially if the part that is taped up can't be kept clean and dry. Houston in the blind, keep those vibes coming :-)

Mr. Bun


  1. Okay, I'll try to post again...the last one seemed to disappear. If you want or need advice/help/support/friendly ears, go to Disabledrabbits.com on FB...they have a bunch of folks who have gone through many situations, and can help you keep your sanity (and maybe pick up a few tips/coping skills). Hugs, love, and best wishes...

    1. Blogger is a little frustrating at time :-( However, yes :-), thank you, I've gone there and it's been helpful organizing supplies and care tips are great. We'll just keep at it :-)

  2. Oh dear. A tough time. Everyone hoping for the best - stay with it as you can!

  3. Mr. Bun, you and your human can do this. Things happen and every bunny is different. I can think of a few times when a bunny foot/leg needed to be removed because it just wasn't healing. The buns went on to be fine and live many happy years. It is tough to be the hoomin who is worrying about proper care, but slowly, gently, and lovingly, do your best. You all can do this. Go gently, embrace the healing we are all sending your way. Everything is going to be okay.

  4. Awww poor Baby,you and you dad can do this,the healing vibe is on 24/7 as is the Speedy Snuggle, love to you both,xx Rachel and Speedy

  5. get better soon, little Mr. Bun

  6. I am sending bunny-healing-wishes to you, Mr. Bun. You have the most caring hoomin a bunny could have, and he will look after you.

    Please get well soon. ((((((Mr. Bun)))))) <3

  7. It is tough on the homins seeing a bunny not feel well. To both bunny and Homin, hang in there, keep trying.