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Friday, December 26, 2014

X-Mas Day 2 update ;-)

A lot of our friends get to celebrate Christmas for 2 days, 
so let's keep it up for a bit longer ;-)

Suzy - I made sure  everybunny got their proper presents. 
- Thank you Renee! - Follow us on FB!

Sambuca - hoomin tried to trick me into going to bed early so I Santa Paws wouldn't skip  our house. Silly hoomin, I stayed up!
- Thank you Stephanie!

Louie - Hoomin put his presents in my spot. 
Poor thing, I really appreciated those extra pwesents ;-)
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Mr. Toes, Suzy and Cleo - we were busy 
inspecting, chinning and noming all our pwesents!
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From the left.....
Herbie (boy), Bob (girl!), Hemi (girl) & Hudson (boy)
... it took ALL of us to keep the hoomins straight ;-)
- Thank you Lesley!

Mikey - never a dull day - supervised the bunn chores.
No rest for the wicked, .... and I tell ya, they can be so wicked ;-)
- Thank you Gabrielle!


Little Miss Titch said...

Happy Boxing Day!xx Speedy

RG said...

A great extra dose of Holiday cheer there! Thanks!

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

It makes me sooooo proud to see that the bunns know how to run a holiday. Day and night, year after year, they keep things going. Merry Christmas, and three cheers for all our Bunn pals. Okay, okay, I'll get going to the tar pits now.