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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Bindi Loo with Grumpy Cat

We're ready to party. Why are you still here?!?

- Thank you Stephanie!


  1. Bindi is actually the sweetest bunny you will ever meet. He loves to snuggle. He just looks like a grump!

  2. Bindi Loo and Grumpy Cat have certainly set the tone for a new year of powerful disapproval! Hoppy New Year, everybun! :)
    -Jen (Kohl's mom)

  3. "Why am I still here?" Well, I thought I was part of the hired help but I guess we all retreat to the Salt Mines and Tar Pits while you cats and bunnies party. We'll be back in the morning to clean up ... behave now.

  4. Happy New Year,xx Speedy and Rachel

  5. I have always wanted to say this. "Oops, my bad." Rock on bunnies! Hey, I never get to go to the salt mines. It is always the tar pits for me. Stephanie, we were all wondering what Bindi Loo was holding hostage to force that comment from you. It's okay. We understand. "Everything is just fine." Wink, wink...ouch, ouch...