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Monday, December 15, 2014


Attention hoomins! I'll be you M*nd*y tar pit supervisor. Any signs of insufficient 'snapeh-ness', disobedience or question will be severely disapproved of and punished. Any questions?

- Thank you to Ricciolino and Ricciolino's hoomin :-)


  1. Wonder what happened to the other supervisor? Promoted? PS - I suspect Ricciolino has friends who can help keep us in line ...

  2. Tar pits...tar pits...why is it always the tar pits on Monday? As an adolescent, I along with others in my age set, used the expression "the pits." This meant that something was bad, but looking back I can see how wide-eyed and innocent we were then. We were hopeful, awash with the joy of an infinity of possible "pits." Now, now, it's just "the tar pits." sigh...

  3. It is clear from Ricciolino's stance that he will brook no nonsense from us!

  4. Clear as Day Sir!*stands to attention*,xx Rachel

  5. Ricciolino, I'm very sorry...I don't know what exaclty I did, but whatever it was, I am truly sorry, and it will never happen again...*gleefully runs to the tar pits, just happy to be alive*
    -Jen (Kohl's mom)

  6. That disapproving mouf, and the ears back, suggest we are in deeeeeep do-do.

    Yes, Ricciolino, we will do our best to make it snappeh, whatever is it that you require!

    Just please don't Disapprove Of us any more!