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Monday, June 30, 2014

Mr. Snickers

Well, we're heading out for breakfast carrotinis. What are you up to?
... ohhhhh, sorry, maybe next time then.

- Thank you Jennifer!


Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

What a beautiful bunn. He looks so soft.

RG said...

Slow down Snicks. Let me get my shoes on. I'm comin' .. there will be all our favorite bunns there. Will the World Cup be on the light-up box?

sallyneary said...

Hmmm--I see a hoomin hand keeping Mr. Snickers in place for the camera. Shouldn't snacks have been employed?

This is a very funny bun-themed Onion article. I hope it is OK to put the link here:

Ijon Tichy the Nth said...

It sure was raspberrini for breakfast, lunch and dinner day ;-)

@sally, I think The Onion is spot on ;-)

Little Miss Titch said...

hehehehe and a rum or two?xx Speedy