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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


ONE craisin?!? One?

- Thank you Megan!


  1. Snowflake, you are just a little, teensy, weensy, baby bunn. M is just making healthy choices for you because of M's great affection for you. Now, it is your turn to say, "Thank you, M." Oh, I just heard someone scream that that was a very special craisin and you owe the service a fortune for destroying it. What is that all about?

  2. Oh dear, Auntie Jane, I fear you are perilously close to making the fatal mistake of underestimating a Netherland. Scientists are just now discovering the incredible destructive power per gram of these small, yet mighty RMDs (rabbits of mass disapproval).

  3. Trouble. Nothing but trouble for M. Somebody send M the book on rabbits. Wait - duhoo - there is no book on rabbits. All OJT.

  4. http://www.birdchick.com/wp/2014/06/digiscoping-with-clay-and-sharon-episode-8-contest-winner/comment-page-1/#comment-22488

    Speaking of links. If you want a Dougal sighting, this should do it!

    1. so sad I tried typing in the link and it wouldn't work....sniff sniff,xx Rachel

  5. Oh my! about 6 min. 45 sec into the video!

  6. Dougal. So cute. Didn't think he was ever going to choose a winner.>:}

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