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Thursday, July 3, 2014


... so I sayz it's really great my aunt from KC is coming over. But there's only one couch and I haz no idea where she's going sleep?!?

- Thank you Liz!


  1. Um the floor maybe?I would,xx Rachel

  2. Norman, there are special rules for aunties. You can check with Speedy for all the details, but kisses on the nose and flops and rolls in the morning are standard. You and your auntie share that couch. You look like the kind of bunn who can teach her who to give good bunny pets in no time. You all are going to have a good time.

    1. Hahahaha Talking of Aunites Jane speedy says it about time you visited him,xx Rachel

  3. Maybe Norman's Auntie is ummm, special?

  4. Norman looks like a highly intelligent bun and willl surely work out this situation with aplomb.

  5. General Norman "Stormin' Norman" Bunkopf will HopMarch in and commandeer the couch!

  6. I do hope the family is teaching said Auntie to grovel appropriately - and salute "Stormin' Norman" in the proper buniltary fashion. If so, she stands a chance to avoid KP duty for the entirety of her stay..... Or, should that be RP??