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Friday, July 25, 2014


... did you find the paperwork?
You know, for those "organic" dandelions you got for last Friday. They tasted funny.
EVERYBUNNY thought they tasted funny.
Don't let it happen again.

- Thank you Merle!


  1. Head for your nearest Rabbit Rescue and get yourself a "Tommy" - maybe two. Everyone who loves a bunny and will give it a good home needs at least one "Tommy"! Then find a good reliable dandelion source .. and nutriberries and hay and .........

  2. .....and a good conspicuous place for receipts for all of the above.....and if you have trouble with customer service representatives, send in your Tommies.

  3. I have excellent organic dandelions. I wish I knew someone with a bun who needed them, as I would be honored to harvest them regularly.
    I tried eating them myself but I don't have what it takes, I guess.

    1. ... any bunn rescues around?

    2. Actually there is Rabbit Haven in Auburn. I wonder if they have volunteers nearer to me. I feel bad burning fossil fuel to drop off greens. I think I will look into it!

  4. Tommy runs a tight ship, doesn't he?

  5. Mister Bun, if what Tommy is running is a ship, it's a slave galley.

  6. Altogether now - Row, row, row his boat.....

  7. Tommy looks a tiny bit like Princess and Paulie at the shelter. They are very feisty buns, and I have no doubt that Tommy is too! Those hoomins had better hop to it and get some top-quality dandelions!

    You tell 'em, Tommy! <3