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Friday, July 18, 2014


Why, of course I disapprove. What were you thinking? ;-)

- Thank you Venus!

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RG said...

It was a WHITE bunny that ran off with my Snickers. "No Officer - it was a BLACK BUNNY for sure. I saw it plain." WHITE! "NO you ninny - BLACK!" (officer - " Bunny dismissed - no crime committed. You two go sort it out over some ice cream.")

Fleetie said...

What bunderful distinctive markings! Venus is clearly a special bunny! Bunny royalty? Bunistocracy?

We are in the presence of a remarkable bunny! So let's not screw it up. OKAY?


By a weird coincidence, on the bus home from work, there was a Chinese girl walking past the bus as it was at a stop and SHE HAD THE SAME!

Hair was bleached on side; natural black on the other!

And she had a yin/yang tattoo on her back. Which went well with the black/white theme, but kinda ruined the appeal for me.

But what a coincidence! Maybe that girl had seen Venus here, and been inspired! <3

Little Miss Titch said...

Venus bunny goddess of love and Disapproval,xx Rachel