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Sunday, June 1, 2014


My patience has limits you know.

- Thank you Ocean!

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  1. if you put this bunny up to your ear, can you hear the ocean?

  2. Uh - Don't try that? (But still ... ?)

    My guess is that whatever is being offered to Ocean is not exactly really good.

  3. Oh dear, and here we are in hurricane season.

  4. Ocean you're not the only one my liitle bunny friend My has been blow out of the water this weekend!care to join me and nip some ankles of some dense humans I would be very greatful,xx Rachel ;)

  5. This little fellow could star in his own Clint Eastwood movie. Rachel, GF wanted you to know if you were interested in a coordinated air/land attack, he is your rehab bird!

    1. oh now there's great idea Jane!xx Rachel

  6. But aren't there fresh vegetables in the background? It seems as though the hoomin deserves a break here.

  7. Sally, bunnies are very literal. I am given to understand that kitty cats are very different, but rabbiteers are not as a lot prone to expressions like so and so deserves/needs/ should get a break. Once you have seen the glint that appears in the bunny eye, well, you understand.