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Friday, April 25, 2014


I had nothing to do with the pancake factory robbery. I swear!

- Thank you Jennifer

PS: Of course the hoomin tries to push a different story all together.

I had some cornstarch that I tossed into a small trashcan near Scooter’s cage.  I had forgotten that she like to check this trashcan periodically for seed remnants that we throw away from the cockatiels food dishes.  She pulled the trashcan over and got inside the bag and when she came out she looked like this.  She got cleaned up right after I snapped the photo!

Hm..., nice try anyway ;-)


  1. There we go again - trying to outsmart a rabbit. Can't happen ....

  2. Oh,no, more contention over pancakes. Maybe Scooter and Lola will be allowed to pay for their life of crime together, in the same (spacious) cell. Of course we don't exactly know what Lola is going to be charged with yet. Depending on what she did to her human she might be place in an area reserved for violent offenders, and with Scooter we clearly have just a simple case of larceny assuming things didn't turn ugly after Scooter got cleaned up. People, why can't we as a society do something about pancakes. They clearly need to be a controlled substance.

  3. For the love of god, will you people just give the rabbits a short stack already?!

  4. Sally, share? Share? Share!? What did the bunns promise you? Whatever it was we will promise more. I am guessing you are gluten intolerant.

  5. Scooter, of course I believe you didn't steal the pancakes. Why would you need to? Your slave is available to make them when ever you want. Right...

  6. My Legal time are standing by,with the best bunny PI in the business,we'll clear your name!xx Rachel and Speedy

  7. If it weren't for those meddling, pesky hoomins, you'd've got what you were after, right, Scooter? *THUMP!*