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Monday, April 7, 2014


I hear what you're saying, but the answer is no.
And quit whining.

- Thank you Kenneth!

Bubbles  is a bunny from the street, rescued by Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue. She was put in a cardboard box and left outside of a CVS pharmacy.  The CVS manager called Brambley, and they sprang into action. Bubbles was very quiet and timid at the shelter, but now in her forever home she is quite the adventure bunny. Bubbles nickname is Miss Behaven . Bubbles can also be found on Bunspace  http://www.bunspace.com/view_bunny?bunid=24257


  1. But but but I didn't say anything yet......xx Rachel

  2. She knows us too well. No need to say anything. Maybe what she meant to say is 'Do you want me to put in a box and leave you outside a CVS? No? OK then.' :-)

  3. Well, Rachel, at least we have each other to visit with and encourage - Go Brambley Hedge! The merciful will be shone great mercy.

    1. this is very true did you get my emails?xx Rachel

  4. Brambley Hedge sounds British but I don't think CVS is so I will adjust my thinking. I am glad they were able to help poor Bubbles, who suffered an indignity that no bun should face. May her life from here forward be filled with warmth, love, and craisins.

  5. The Beautiful, Bodacious Bubbles! What a sleek beauty she is and even better, an adventuress. Blessings on Brambley Hedge!

  6. You know, I am thinking Bubbles might prefer the more formal Ms. Behaving when she is addressed, oh, scratch that, no point in trying to address her, but at least when she is referred to by those outside her immediate circle. She is so beautiful.

  7. Oh Bubbles, you look like you could be Tina's niece, or grand-niece rather... + the same slightly pouting stare and an alert ear. Just so cute. Are you bossing everybody around now? (And Tina was found on the street too)

  8. Those ears are in the standard, universal, all-bunny, world-wide semaphore-code position for NO!

  9. I am so glad that Bubbles Bunny has found safety and happiness with good hoomins.

    Now she can get to work training her hoomins!

    She is a beautiful girl!