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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mr. Bun says, train your hoomin right!

Are you getting this ...

Mr. Bun


  1. Waffles for Breakfast too,you're making me hungry Mr Bun!xx Rachel

  2. This is going to be like some terrible infomercial, haunting us for years, isn't it?

  3. Could be a Denny's commercial!!! (Only way a hoomin can get a good waffle is at Denny's - they don't allow rabbits in there.)

    1. Actually, I took a bunny to Denny's once. We were driving long distance and stopped for dinner. Of course, I wasn't going to leave the bun in the car! She sat next to me in her carrier and we ordered her a side of fresh veggies. Nobody said anything about the rabbit (except to comment on her cuteness). I think all dining experiences are enhanced by bunnies!

  4. Excellent demonstration! Fine plating. Now there are no excuses.

  5. Mr. Bun!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Nose kisses! Head rubs! You're a fantastic bunny! xxxxxxxxxx

    You make sure you keep those hoomins obedient! xxxxxxxxxx <3