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Sunday, April 6, 2014


Welcome to my world!

- Thank you Kippu!

PS: Pixie is a Netherland dwarf. Her and her bun-friend enjoy a room of their own and they love it.


Little Miss Titch said...

Um and what kind of world is that exactly?as I'm not sure I want to join you,xx Rachel

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

Yes, some alternate universe where the bunnies approve, that's what I want. I will just never understand why people give these terrifying creatures cute names. I am sure it only worsens the outlook for us.

sallyneary said...

Once again we see illustrated the property of physics that intensifies disapproval as the bun gets smaller.

Fleetie said...

Just as the hoomin ice-skating girl begins to pirouette ever-faster as she draws in her arms and legs, so Disapprovers' intensity can be greatest in the smallest bunnehs!

Eventually, when the Disapprover is tiny, and the Disapproval immense, a Disapproving Hole is created. And any hoomin straying too close, beyond the Contempt Horizon, will never be seen or heard of again, by the rest of the world! For that unfortunate has fallen into a region of spacetime so twisted, so Disapproving, that Approval itself cannot escape!

All that an external observer (bunneh or hoomin) observes, as the ill-fated adventurer falls into oblivion, is an increasingly slowed-down, increasingly red (and then infra-red, then microwave, than radio-wave...) image of the adventurer, as it crosses the Contempt Horizon, asymptotically. They never actually get to see the ill-fated one CROSS the horizon. Just a darkening, reddening, vanishing, slow-motion vestige of what once used to be a stoopid hoomin.

Anonymous said...

"Contempt Horizon" hahahaa! :) Fleetie, somewhere there must be a secret Bunneh-tarium where there is a job opening just for you!

Ijon Tichy the Nth said...

I kept thinking that Netherland dwarf must closely related to a red dwarf. A low mas bun like this, fusing hydrogen into disapprovium, would make it something of a main sequence bun. The bad news is they last for billions and billions of years. Eventually becoming tidally locked with hoomins, thus regardless of which way we're turned, their gaze never leaves us ;-)

Fleetie said...

Ha-ha! Great! We had better make sure we don't make this bunneh Disapprove Of us!