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Monday, December 4, 2017

Smithers - Looking for his hoomins

Hoomins, where are you?

PS: Remember the fires in Sonoma County not too long ago? Smithers is one of the survivors, and the Sonoma County Humane Society is hopeful Smithers could still be reunited with his hoomins.

Thank you, Mike, for the heads up.

The SHS asked for sharing at the end of their post on FB and here is their progress report.
Smithers the bunny was found on 10/11/17 at the end of Coffey Ln (nearest cross street Dennis Ln) in Santa Rosa. The finder states that she also saw a white bunny and chickens and that the nearest property was burned and had a brick gate.
It's been nearly 7 weeks since Smithers was saved from the fires. When he arrived we knew he would need specialized care and immediately called Dr. Pfann of Brandner Veterinary Hospital. One of our rabbit volunteers happened to be at SHS and was able to rush Smithers to Petaluma for emergency care - thank you, Chris! The team at Brandner Veterinary Hospital has been caring for Smithers (at no charge to SHS!) since he was found, and we are incredibly grateful for their compassion, generosity, and expertise <3

Here are the updates we received from Brandner along the way:

10/19/17: We are taking it day by day, he will obviously need some toes amputated, but his ear is looking good, his eye lids are having a tough time and we are focusing on getting the thickened scabbing off by soaking and treating eyes with drops, he is a wonderful little patient even though he must be in so much discomfort, of course we are continuing with pain meds multiple times a day as well as eye drops and antibiotics.

10/25/17: Wanted to share a pic of Smithers - we are progressing well and will be amputating toes this week and will monitor how his ears heal up.
11/8/17: Smithers is doing well. Just had a second surgery today to amputate some toes and part of one of his ears. We will be keeping him until we're sure he is recovered and doing well post-op. We expect to be able to transfer him back to you within 2 weeks time.

As of 11/29/17, Smithers is back at SHS doing great! He's curious and chipper and has a good appetite. While he may be missing some fur, a few toes, and parts of his ears, we think he's the most handsome bunny in the world. Smithers isn't available for adoption yet, but we'll let you know when he's ready <3
P.S. We're still holding onto hope that his former family will see this post and recognize him. He's a 5lb male black and white English Spot mix with one ear up (right) and one ear down. He was not neutered when he arrived. Please share.



Anonymous said...

What an awesome, brave little guy! (And awesome hoomin V.E.T.s as well!) Don't know if it is nearby enough, but there is a fabulous bunny caregiver in South San Francisco who might be able to help: http://www.rabbit.org/foster-homes/burrow-inn/Contact%20Us/index%20-%20Contact%20us.htm
-Jen (Kohl's mom)

Unknown said...

Thanks Jen! Though all the bunny volunteers at the SHS love being around him and if his hooms aren't found there are already a number of loving, rabbit savvy people who have put in an application to adopt him. He is definitely a very sweet but strong-willed bun. :-)

RG said...

What a guy - and what a bunch of helpers!

Anonymous said...

We hope this precious bunny finds his way back home. A big Good On You, to all the homins that got him this far . ken&kaci