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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Latte Update

Greetings, Everybunny!

Yesterday morning Lattes wound on her foot opened up, and Angie found her in a puddle of blood. We rushed the Latte to the vet. She came back home last evening (long day at the tar pits) and is doing well.

It turns out she has an abscess on her foot, and the nasty thing popped open. Moma V.E.T cleaned it out, x-rayed the foot and said it didn't spread to the bone yet. That's the good news. She also said these things are difficult to treat so the puss went to the lab to determine what antibiotic can handle it.We expect to hear from the lab within 72 hours.

At the moment Latte is back on Baytril twice a day. From her behavior bun would never know there's trouble brewing. She eats and hops and demands headrubs without skipping a hop.

On the other paw, Ijoin flipped his proverbial everything contemplating how bad things could get.

What were your experiences with injuries of this type? Were antibiotics effective? Was surgery effective? Did the foot had to come off? Then what?
We'll keep you posted,

- Ijon


Unknown said...

So sorry to hear that Latte's issues are continuing. Wish we had some advice but we haven't dealt with these leg/abscess problems with our buns before. Healing thoughts for Latte and calming thoughts for her hooms! <3

Anonymous said...

Bummer! But good that it was discovered early. Here is something that works wonders and can be applied topically. Been using this for years, and it is quite safe as well; know of a guy who used it on a very severe wound on one of his pet chickens - the wound healed beautifully, and the chicken was fine :) https://www.vitacost.com/natural-immunogenics-sovereign-silver-bio-active-silver-hydrosol-8-fl-oz Prayers for a quick recovery for Miss Latte and no worries for her hoomins :)=
-Jen (Kohl's mom)
P.S. This page has some suggestions as well: http://www.justrabbits.com/natural-antibiotics.html

RG said...

No experience either, but all sorts of good wishes ...