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Monday, July 17, 2017

Blog Update

Hoomin, try talking to the bum, or the backside, or the foot. Nope, no sir the ears are not working today. They're off on M*nd*y.

Greetings Everybunny!

It's time for a bit of housekeeping on the blog.

We changed this line regarding the use of images submitted to our site from this:

Please note that you give the right to Disapproving Bun, Tomasz Brymora and anyone else to use images submitted to DisapprovingBun.com
for any purpose they wish, without any limitations.

... to this:

We request the right to use your images in the DisapproingBun blog post and DisapprovingBun Facebook page post only. Images submitted to the blog or our Facebook page will not be used for any other purpose without first obtaining your permission.

In the beginning, we simply followed someone else's example in this area, and we don't think it had served us well. A lot of people care very deeply about their works of art, and we should have known better. We also learned that we just don't have any desire to churn out swag that uses your work. Calendars, etc. are a very time-consuming proposition and we just don't have the desire, time or will to pursue anything like that.

We're not sure if the wording of our tiny "terms and conditions" could or should be improved, so if you have any comments and suggestions, we would love to see them.

One thing that has not and will not change is our inability to protect your photographs from crooks. There simply is no 100% proof way of protecting the photos getting pilfered. If anyone promises you anything like that, they are simply lying.

And now for something completely different. We'll be getting a new theme for the blog. We never really liked the small print for the captions, and it's time for a little mouf lift ;-)

We'll keep you posted,

- Disapproving Bun

PS: Well, we've run out of disapproval today as well :-)

1 comment:

RG said...

Looking forward to it! I think lots of us much enjoy the daily dose!!! Our bunnies are all dead and gone now, so no current disapproval, ut maybe will send and oldy now and then!