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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Bun Fiction Update

"Pancake: What? No story, no adventure today? Wait till I tell the flight director about this, and the union rep!"
Mr. Toes
We are working on a story for next Saturday. Lining up at the tar pits was all we could handle this week.
Next time, Pancake and Mr. Toes will go on a test flight with a couple of corporate suits to show them what happens when the ivory tower loses touch with the launch tower.
We started working on a dedicated, separate site/blog to host bun fiction. Don't worry; you'll hear all about the new episodes right here first. We think it's best to let the Disapproving Bun focused on disapproving first. Maybe bun fiction can stand on its own?
As always, we're happy to hear your thoughts.

- The Disapprovers


Wendy said...

I will happily follow the bun fiction on your other site. Keep it coming!

Little Miss Titch said...

that is a great idea,xx Rachel and Speedy

sallyneary said...

That seems overly complicated to me, but if you don't mind keeping up two sites, then by all means do.

RG said...

Well - first, give Pancake a pancake!!! If after that you have time for two blogs - go for it!!! I mean don't we all need yet another day of disapproval?

sallyneary said...

Oh now I get it--thanks for the explanation, RG. Two blogs = twice the disapproval!

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

RG, thanks for speaking up for Pancake.