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Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Oh, you're still here! Are they bringing the tar pits to you today?

- Thank you, Audrey!


Anonymous said...

Ollie, dear, it's August. In August, hoomins often take vacations. What's a vacation? Well, see, it's when hoomins relax and do not work...uh...wait, never mind. Yes, you are right, no bunny slave should ever consider such a concept ever again...*sigh*

Anonymous said...

Best if us hoomins go to the tar pits. Too many distractions at home. Hutch cleaning, hay gathering, carrotinis to make. Ok, still better than the tar pits. Ken & Kaci

sallyneary said...

Ollie is all set with his plush friends, so your only task is to go earn the monies to buy the rabbit accoutrements.