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Monday, August 29, 2016


Do I have something in my teeth? Twice as much in my teeth would be better, you know.

- Thank you, Mike!

PS: Mike Says, "She was adopted from our local humane society - same as where we got Tilly & Gilbert.  The local chapter of the HRS works closely with the bunnies up for adoption at the Sonoma County Humane Society.  We may be giving a few buns a chance in our house, but the volunteers working to socialize and get rabbits ready for adoption are the real heroes.

While we still miss her all the time, Noel was our first bun and whenever we pass by we always remember her lovingly and are so grateful for all the work they do there for the animals."


Frankie's Hoomin #2 said...
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Frankie's Hoomin #2 said...

Ah, my sweet Noel. This is one of her good moods!

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

I admire volunteers like that, too. But, things only work with every link in the chain in place. Folks, support those volunteers AND bring a bunn home and let yourself be bunnied around. Thank you for caring and for deciding to be a link for livingness. She is a beautiful bunny. It's nice when bunn-bunns have a lot a good moods.

RG said...

... and put more food in that bunns mouth!!! (Yay for rescuers, volunteers, bunny homes and donors and supporters ...)

sallyneary said...

I am mentally putting all these places you mention on my Lottery List for if I ever get a windfall!
Thank you for sharing the photo of Noel.