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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mr. Bun Update

Greetings Every Bunny!

The good news is my gut is doing so well that I only needed 2 bum bafs all of last week! The 2nd one being a "precautionary" one.

The interesting news is that I have engaged in several EBAs (Extra Bunnicular Activities).

I was off structure! I was detached! At least I had plenty of O2. Saturday morning I drifted all the way to the kitchen before hoomin found me and towed me back to my Bunn Station.

I'm afraid I can't really see out of either eye anymore. To be honest, it's hell on my hoomin.

We'll keep you posted.

- Mr. Bun


Little Miss Titch said...

Great News on the bum Bath front Mr Bun.I know of several buns with no sight and they do very well with exploring their surroundings,one was a dear friend ,Weasley who has passed away sadly ,but his mum had runner mats down and he use them as run ways to bumble about the house as his mum used to say.Having no sight didn't stop him from going where he wanted.I'm sure your Hoomin can do something similar for you too.xx Rachel

RG said...

Our blind fellow learned to find his way around well - especially where the food dish was! And that one got a lot of extra lovin' too! This can work out well.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear your tummy issues are straightening out, Mr. Bun! Sending comforting vibes to you and your hoomin. Guess this means your other senses will be even more finely tuned, i.e. sniffing, pawing, chinning and hearing with those fuzzy ears :)= Warm thoughts to you both.
-Jen (Kohl's mom)

Anonymous said...

Positive thoughts to Mr Bun and homin. Mr Bun you are a very precious and well cared for bunny, thanks for all you do, homin. Ken & Kaci

sallyneary said...

It's a good thing he doesn't need eyesight to appreciate bun fare such as salad and carrotinis! And scritches...oh the list goes on.

almtsbb said...

So glad to hear your tummy is settling down.