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Monday, October 31, 2022

Hoppy Halloween!

Espresso, "Whaaaaaa! Oh, it's you again."
Espresso, "I can give you a heart attack whenever I want to."

Espresso, "Tell me again how I'm your favorite, most handsome horrorizer!"
Charlie, "Invisible eyes are watching you - welcome to The Bunlight Zone."
Gus, "I swear - I don't know this guy!"

Hoppy Halloween, Everybunny!

Wishing you a hoppy harvest of dandelion candy, caramel cawwots, and mint berries!

And remember to replace those Coco Puffs with "you know whats" when you come up empty-pawed.

Stay safe, of course!
- Gus, Charlie, and Espresso

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