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Sunday, July 18, 2021

The Bunday Evening Thumps


Charlie, "Well, hoomin - what's it that you want? Why are you here? I don't see any cookies and I don't imagine you have the password either!"

Espresso as "Espresso" - "Mr. Spressos" is on summer vacation ;-)
Good Evening, Everybun!

My hoomin was in a peculiar mood all week, contemplating "clarity." It's easy to attribute positive qualities to clarity; think of it as something better than "not knowing," better than disorientation or uncertainty.

The job my hoomin had been hoping for fell through. Technically it is still available but would require moving three hundred miles and working in a physical office for a lot less hay. The heartbreak felt clear enough.

So, he may as well stick with the job at paw and go with the flow. Maybe this is working out the way it should? Maybe it's OK, for once, to accept that a good thing happened? The job is going well enough. Inevitably, it will morph and change as all things do, but we're not there yet.

Of course, listening to all that nonsense is annoying as thump, but that's the price I pay for mind reading.

Good Night, and Good Luck!
- Espresso

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