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Saturday, July 3, 2021

Espresso, Charlie, and Gus Update



Greetings, Everybunny!

Oh, how we wish we could send some of our chilly, in the '90s, weather to everybun on the West Coast. It truly boggles the mind.

Not to be outdone, we are watching Elsa, heading right for us. Of course, the models might be off, and things may not be as bad as they seem. Maybe Elsa will scootch just a bit to the East and miss this gin joint.

Then again, she might strengthen and give us a pounding. She's not even supposed to be here yet. In the end, we don't know what she'll do. She's not the kind that tells.

In other news, Gus had his toe inspected on Tuesday, and the V. E. T. gave him a clean bill of health.  

We'll keep you posted,
- Charlie

PS: Yes, we know - it was Ilsa  and not Elsa in the movie Casablanca. No matter - we'll probably have to endure another watching of if on Tuesday night, anyway.

1 comment:

RG said...

Oh thanks for the weather thoughts for us. We have passed along the heat to the midwest and are back to what is fairly normal here in the Pac NW ... so glad to feel real again!

Watching the 'Cane too and best wishes ...