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Sunday, January 3, 2021

The Bunday Evening Thumps


Good Evening, Everybun!

The cold front passed through last night, and skies matched the mood of the end of a holiday break. High overcast and dropping temps made us want to flop over, stretch out our tucks, and pretend to forget what time or day it is.

My hoomin grimly typed away the lesson notes about takeoff and landing practice, or what they call "pattern work." He's been searching for a flicker of a star to hold onto for navigating what's coming. That M*nd*y a few hours away, Wednesday, the next few months.

We kept our eye on him today, and he kept an eye on us, stealing away pics with his clicky thing. I took pity on the hoomin and threw a few still seconds his way. Then I told him, "You're not moving in with us into any of our bundos if that's what you're thinking! Nope, no sir, we disapprove!"

Good Night, and Good Luck!
- Charlie

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