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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Espresso, Charlie, and Gus Update


Charlie, "Really, hoomin? Man-bear-pig is real and he wears a horn-hat?!"

Greetings, Everybun!

Winter came back after a couple of almost-summer days. Then Wednesday showed up. It started well enough as our Ang got her first dose of the Covid vaccine. I'm sure you saw the rest.

My hoomin had hoped to pop one of those mini-snickers that day but decided against it. Something about mixing sugar with everything that went on didn't feel right. The rush of adrenaline was much harsher than any corporate dark roast brew of a swill that you ever tasted. Why risk making a bad situation worse.

We like to think that these days are just an extension of twenty-twenty. Isn't there a song about it - "Meet your new year, same as the old year," or something like that? Now my hoomin got the doom-scrolls again.

At least all this nervous energy is good for doing chores. He got them all done last night, so we'll have two days of messin' about with head rubs, lesson plans, and fun stuff like that.

We'll keep you posted,
- Espresso

1 comment:

RG said...

Oh mannnn .. even Snickers can't cure the "First days of 2021 Blues" ... doom indeed.

But you fellas getting the good stuff so that first things first there is good.