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Monday, January 4, 2021



That's ... not a kraken, hoomin! That's ... a king M*nd*y!

- Thank you, Susan, and SCHRR!

PS: Apricot and Peach are still looking for their forever home. A blink of an eye - that's how long it will take them to steal your heart!

Suncoast House Rabbit Rescue:
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FB: https:www.facebook.com/SuncoastHRR
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Susanthevegan said...

Oh Appy. You are the apricot of my eye, you cwazybun.

Susanthevegan said...

Appy gets a case of zoomies you can set your watch to at 9pm.every might. When the time change occurred, I didn't tell her and it took her about a week to reset, but reset she did. Apoy loves nose rubs, her brother, and nanners....albeit not necessarily in that order. She is inquisitive, soopah smart, and likes to calculate how high she might jump to clear the ex-pen and go on adventures. APPY dutifully grooms her brother's right side where he lost his arm and the ability to comb his own mullet. Appy's mullet is not limited to her head but indeed has matching butt mullet in a lovely blonde. Which contrasts nicely with her apricot tipped with black fur..
Hence the name.Appy and brother/BFF Peach live with me until such time as she selects their forever home. The criteria she requires us: inside only, preferably free roam in at least an 8' by 6' space. She's a very athletic girl who needs space to run and jump to be Happy Appy. She prefers no big scary dogs....although she has spent time with a semi well behaved Boston Terror. She's quite familiar with kittehs...as 4 live here. She insists wherever they decide to live must be with a hoomin or hoomins who take her brother's loss of arm seriously, as although he is quite well without it, should he be injured again, the result could be tragic. So hoomins must pick him up securely and extremely carefully. She is not considering ANY hoomin under 12 years old because of this important detail. If you think.you can meet or exceed her exhaustive criteria, please contact suncoasthrr.org

RG said...

Kraken ... King M*nd*y ... Apricot some of my favorite things out here in the Pac. NW!

Kraken is the name of the new Seattle Pro Hockey team, King tides are the REALLY high ones happening here now with high winds too making for fun at the beach and Apricot goes on my toast. Is there a snickers in there too?

I hoe Apricot and Peach get a forever good howm.