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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Bunfiction Update

Folks, we couldn't land the episode again this week. We were almost there, and when we were taking the last close look at the material, we realized we had quite a lot more to develop.
For example, what would "that space cafeteria" have on its menu? And what does Freddie like to eat when on the road, in space? If you don't have any gravity to help you sit down at a table, dinner at a table is not really an option, is it? So what does a cafeteria in space have instead of tables? What do the alternatives look like and how do they work?
Mr. Toes sitting in a window in his pod at St. Cinnamon's - we'll need to build a little diorama to make this one work.
Our illustrations and doodles were also in poor shape.
Penny & Ava
Sigh, Pancake saw all that and called for a go-around. Next week we shall be back to normal, though. We might even get a jump start on the episode after that ;-)

1 comment:

RG said...

Well those all seem like "weighty" questions to resolve for the next installment all right.