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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Matisse, a.k.a "Grumpy Dust"

Come on, hoomin! One lap around the patch, what do you say? You lose, you work this weekend, fair?

- Thank you, Ken and Kaci!

PS: Matisse is an 11 pound New Zeland mix, and he packs 20 pounds of attitude.His nick name is “ Grumpy Dust” as in, Matisse has had a sprinkling of grumpy dust : )


  1. My goal is to have a warren of cuddle bunnies. Matisse has other plans :) On his own terms he has come to appreciate some snorgle time too. Ken & Kaci

  2. I wonder f the 'ol Tortoise and the Hare scheme would work on my race with Matisse. Nahhh ...

  3. I see--Matisse is making a joke, because he knows he will win! Such a sense of humor on that bun!

  4. Oh, yeah. That's an offer that would be hard to turn down, but doing hard things is supposed to build character. Building character . . . Building character, here . . . Bunnies shouldn't taunt.

  5. For a big fellow, Matisse can move pretty quick. When he wants to, of course Ken&Kaci