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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Mr. Bun Update

Greetings, Everybunn!

Treats, snurgles, and a clean bum, that' the extent of today's report. For today and the upcoming week forecast calls for more of the same. We're celebrating five months of this new, cleaner, and healthier routine. I know you keep your paws crossed for us, and we thank you!

- Mr. Bun


  1. That is fantastic news indeed,xx Rachel

  2. You are on a gooooood roll! Nice to hear.

    Sorry to be absent .. a little trip and a cold and ... well .. you know ...

    1. Not good enough, RG. We were all really concerned. If Mr. Bun can keep us updated, so can you. We also needed you for some mathematical assistance and to respond to being rediculed about Snickers. I trust you will check past posts. I even contemplated stalking by knitting.

  3. Mr. Bun, we have so many paws crossed here that it can sometimes get a bit messy. "All for Bun! Each and everyone!" Love you all, AJ

  4. Mr Bun and Homin, Thanks for the good news update. Yea ! Ken & Kaci