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Monday, May 9, 2016

Leo the Lop, and Cody "D" Dog

M*nd*y Blues...

Leo, we don't have to get up today, do we?
No, Cody, no.

- Thank you, Lauren!


  1. shhh. Leo and Cody are meditating. They are very good at it. They have been practising. We should all follow their example, especially on M*nd*ys. Darn those tar pits and their time clocks.

  2. Ah, a fine example of Cody using the appropriate protocol: all animals defer to the bunneh's authority. However, I doubt Lauren got the same answer from Leo...
    -Jen (Kohl's mom)

    1. yes you are correct. Leo has informed me that M*ND*Ys for hoomins are, in fact, for working, and that I should "make it snappy" on the salad preparation as well as the grape cultivation.

  3. To sleep, perchance to dream.... of scooby snacks and nanners :) Ken & Kaci

  4. The non-human animals all excel at snoozing, don't they? Even their snoring is cute.

  5. Our Holland Lop, Peppermint, has the most quiet, almost delicate snore :) Cute ? Yep Ken & Kaci