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Friday, December 11, 2015


It's a ruse, Camilla! Not only are there no raspberries, there are no nanners, no carrots, not even nutriberries!

- Thank you Mellissa!

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  1. OMB Sweeney is on with Camilla over our place!Yay!xx Rachel and Speedy

  2. Oh Sweeny. What shall we do? Have you been a good bunny?

  3. Be patient (and good) and Santa will bring them on Christmas Eve!

  4. Oh! I think something is happening in my inferior hoomin brain...yes! An idea! Perhaps someone should market little bunny-friendly Christmas trees made of Timothy hay, and it could have a package of nutriberries, nanner chips and dried carrot bits to attach to the tree as ornaments :)= Or maybe I'm very late, and someone has already had this idea?
    -Jen (Kohl's mom)

  5. Jen, that sounds like a charming idea. I am loving my mental images of little bunnies doing the decorating. I must say, however, I am having some real anxiety about the two previous comments from long time bunny insiders. One is taunting Sweeny about being good and the other is counseling patience and good behavior. What can it mean?