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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mr. Bun update

You said what?!? Off to the vet, again?!?

... you understand that I will not speak or look at you for DAYS, right?

That's not enough and it's not yammeh enough. It will never be enough, it will never be yammeh enough. Even if I like it, I'll do my best to make you wish the carrots were twice as carroty.

... neh, I don't think you were miserable enough when you left me with the vet for 3 days. Not at all.

Follow up with the vet last Tuesday went well. Under light anaesthesia necrotic tissue was cleaned up. Swelling started to go down. Doctor did agree it would be better for me stay there for observation.

On Wednesday  I was doing better, but for the sake of making sure I'm really ok, guess what? I stayed there one more night.

In the meantime, my hoomin thought he was starting to see the curvature of the bend he was about to follow. Oh yeah. He walked around feeling like he's made out of jelly. He he, serves him right.

Anyway, I'm still taking antibiotic twice a day. Now I take it mixed with Critical Care, spiked with a real raspberry and or little piece of banana. First, add a little water to a about a tea spoon of CR, mix it, add the medicine (0.5 cc for me), then add and mush in the fruit. You can roll it into a ball and roll it in some CR for the outside to appear dry. Not sure that last bit is necessary though. Serve on a bed of fresh saaaalad or present it to me on the finger tips of your paw. You know, to make sure I do eat it all.

If you serve it to me by hand, you'll get to wonder if I'll take your fingertip with.

Thus I don't get bothered with that stupid, plastic syringe trying to get in my mouf. Hm, I can probably use that Critical Care too, my vet said I lost a little weight. Maybe I just was not in the mood to eat much when I was all sore and swollen. Either way that stuff if yammeh.

Now I'm just chilling my new bunndo. Or what he calls the IBS - International Bunn Station made of cardboard modules from Amazon and Office Depo ;-) Both accessible from the top for easy maintenance.

And last but not least, last Thursday, Speedy hosted me on his Disapproving Bun Day!
Thank you Speedy! Speedy's a pirate, I got a bum leg - we would make a fearsome crew!

- Mr. Bun


Fleetie said...

Oh, Mr. Bun! So you are back home with your hoomin now, right?

I am so glad things are going ok. Let me tell you something: Your hoomin will have been very afraid, because he worries about you! And we also worry about you!

Keep getting well, Mr. Bun! We all love you, and Approve Of your hoomin for taking such good care of you!

RG said...

We do - We do! And you and Speedy are indeed a fearsome pair.

Fleetie said...

And I love those photos! How did your hoomin bathe you in blue light, Mr. Bun? Or was it done in post?

And those tiny carrots look soooooo yummeh! Small but delicious!

You definitely have your hoomin well-trained, Mr. Bun! I Approve!

Little Miss Titch said...

Oh Gosh Mr Bun,I hope you have a speedy recovery,I might need you for my next adventure after all we do make a fearsome pair,xx Speedy

Ijon Tichy the Nth said...

The blue light, we wrapped (we meaning Bun and me, mostly me I guess) blue nylon cloth on some light. So that made for the blue ambiance. Carrots and kohlrabi came from our front yard (that's where the veg patch is this season). Angie grew carrots mostly for Mr. Bun. Somehow most of them have beautiful tops but very tiny carrots. Which works out great, because he does not get them in large amounts :-) Kohlrabi is edible for buns so he got the leaves and enjoyed them a lot.

Photos turned out rather grainy, but I turned up the ISO sensitivity to 1600 and then to 3200 and set f-stop at 1.8. Decided to work with whatever ambient light could be gotten instead of blasting flashes and tormenting the little guy.

Anonymous said...

We are sending positive thoughts and healing vibes your way, Mr Bun . Mom, Dad and the desert warren

sallyneary said...

I naturally assumed it was the aura of disapproval.