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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Binky free Zoey :-(

Gabrielle's Zoey crossed over the Rainbow Bridge last Thursday :-( He was a gallant, first class disapprover and we miss him dearly. Our condolences and best wishes to Gabrielle.

- Mr. Bun

PS: Correction - hoomin called Zoey a 'she'. Zoey was a grand Gentle Bun not a girl. The silly hoomin shall be canned as soon as a proper replacement is found.


Fleetie said...

What a beautiful, big bunny girl. Losing such a bunderful rabbit must really hurt. :'-(

Any loving hoomin's life would be enriched by having loved such a buntastic rabbit. <3

R.I.P., sweet, beautiful girl. <3

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

Indeed, just as Fleetie said. Gabrielle, thank you for giving Zoey the opprtunity to be Zoey. Can you imagine her life without you? Thank you for giving this bunny a chance to know what it is to be truly alive, to be loved and to love, to know and be known. Thank you for healing the livingness of this world and for sharing with us. Be of good cheer. Your precious Zoey is just fine.

Anonymous said...

He was a gorgeous bun, and now he will have all the treats and romp time he wants up in the Big Garden! Peace, Gabrielle and comfort to your heart.
-Jen (Kohl's mom)

RG said...

We had a Zoey too. Zoeys are hard to say good bye to.

Fleetie said...

Well, whichever gender, Zoey was a very attractive, fine rabbit.

I can't imagine the pain of losing a loved bunny. I've never been a bunny-servant-hoomin.

I can tell that Zoey was a very loved bun, and quite deservedly so.

sallyneary said...

Zoey was lovely. So sorry for your loss.