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Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I think you have to move. I need to taxi out to the helipad. Going for a bit of aerial survey of my dandelion fields.

- Thank you Merle!


  1. There is a Bunn-Drone "Watching You"! - are you doing your chores and tending the greens?

  2. Have a safe flight Tina don't forget to drop your bombs too! ;)

  3. We have to careful around Tina, airborne or not. Her airspace must never be violated. The thing is all the space (air or not) is hers. So even when she grants up clearance to enter her airspace, we're still in violation of that space. Punishment can be severe you know ;-)

  4. I for one would like to see little buns flying about the local green spaces.

  5. Tina is a high-altitude surveillance AirBun! With a longer than normal earspan, she can still achieve life at elevated altitudes beyond the reach of normal aeroplanes or AirBuns.

    She can fly so high that no countermeasures can reach her!

    That means that even if she is detected flying over any territory, still nothing can touch her!

    In practice, this means that she can observe hoomin stoopidity without the stoopid hoomins even knowing that they are being observed! When she returns to Earth, she will notify the relevant bunthorities of the stoopidity she has observes, and the bunthorities will take action against the offending hoomins!

    Sloppy BunChores? Late with breakfast? Disrespect of bunnies?

    All of these transgressions and more will be stealthily observed, recorded and reported by Lisa!


  6. Oh, Sally, me, too. And THEN I read Fleetie's comment. You know world prospects appear much brighter when the dear boy has bank holidays. Excuse, I am going to crawl under my bed now and, uh, and, uh, wait? Mind you, if I thought there was any hope for us, I would be up and doing.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Tina, did you shut down LAX the other day ;-) , you did, didn't you.

    So after working the weekend we found out Monday morning that is was all for not. Project didn't really have to go live till the 19th. I felt like climbing to the top of a ferris wheel ;-)

  9. Ijon: Ha ha! You worked it into Disapproving Bun! Ha ha! Nobun else is gonna know what that's all about! LOL!

    1. I thought I'll leave you the honours of explaining that one :-)

  10. Okay, waiting, waiting...I am not asking for myself...some bunnies I know want to know. Yes, they will release me, if you explain.